We offer a wide variety of designer and affordable frames.  Our knowledgeable optician’s will be able to help you choose eyewear that best fits your prescription and budget.


A few of our designer brands:




At Gresham and Sandy Vision Centers we offer a variety of high quality eyewear with options to fit every budget. Our opticians are trained to help you select the perfect frame. We will help you to find the correct lenses that fit your prescription and lifestyle requirements. We want you to be happy, see clearly and be satisfied with your great new look.


Progressive Lenses(No line bifocals or trifocals)

We carry the most high quality brands of progressive lenses but emphasize Hoya and Varilux because they offer the clearest vision and the smoothest progression between distance, intermediate and near vision.
We offer the newest materials including thin, light and highest impact resistance along with the highest quality polarized and transition lenses for your maximum vision comfort.


Hoyalux Tact Lenses

Designed for computer users and patients who perform visually-intense work or hobbies. Every day, more than 143 million people work on a computer. 125 million people suffer from computer eyestrain, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome. More than 70% of computer users need computer glasses. Computer screen glare and reflections cause discomfort for most computer users.

Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome:

  • Headaches
  • Blurred Vision
  • Loss of Focus
  • Neck and shoulder strain


Anti-Reflective Coatings

We carry only the highest quality anti-reflective coatings, including Crizal and Super HiVision. There are many grades of anti-reflective coatings but we use the newest technology that offer the clearest and most anti-reflective characteristics with the highest scratch resistance and a 2 year warranty. They work to eliminate problems such as scratches, smudges, dirt, water and maintain the easiest cleaning.


Blue Light Technology

Hoya Recharge and Varilux Prevencia offer blue light technology that reduces the amount of blue light that reaches the eyes from most LED screens. This type of technology offers greater comfort for prolonged amounts of time in front of back lit displays.

Exposure to Blue-violet light can affect your eyes and your health. The threat is increasing as we are exposed to increasing levels of blue-violet light. Health professionals recommend that people of all ages protect their eyes from excessive blue-violet light exposure. The American Macular Degeneration Foundation warns that blue-violet light may contribute to retinal damage and macular degeneration.

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